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Hi there!

I'm Anton Kann, the founder and CEO of Chronos Video.

I have found a way to create highly profitable explainer videos that attract qualified leads in an automatic fashion with predictability, every month.

Since our recent establishment in 2015 me and my animated video marketing team have helped over 100+ of technology startups:

in B2B space:
- Attract 10, 20, even 30 qualified clients every month with predictability, reducing the sales cycles by 20-60%

in B2C space:
- Build a large user base of raving customers, even if your product is still early under development
- Raise capital via crowdfunding in a few days
- Simplify the message and make your product really stand out from the competition
- And 5+ more use cases..!

I now host 1 on 1  Video Marketing Strategy Sessions with growth-focused technology companies (you need to have some funding!) to find out the optimal strategy for rapid customer acquisition.

Video Marketing Strategy Session Agenda:
Goals - What You Want To Achieve
Who - Your Ideal Customer That 
What - Your Targeted Marketing Message
How - The Perfect Marketing Channel and Type of Video that will Bring Instant Results

Anton Kann, Chronos Video CEO

Anton Kann, Founder & CEO of Chronos Video. Apply for a Strategy Session.

If you are struggling to succinctly explain what your technology does, want to make more impact with your message and accelerate business growth... Anton can help you with that: