When it comes to making buying decisions, people go with their hearts more often than their heads.
31% of advertisers report gains from emotional campaigns, while only 16% report gains from campaigns that appeal to people’s rational side.

Let’s forget about the features and the benefits of the product, let’s focus on how you can use biologically programmed human desires to your benefit, and when I say benefit I mean MAKING PROFIT in your business.

It turns out that there are lot of different ways to appeal to people’s emotions. You can appeal to their fear of missing out, desire of others’ envy, freedom from pain…

Let’s look at an example:

With the acai berry diet, it’s not that people want to lose weight and be slim.

Here are their REAL desires:

  • – Looking good for the opposite sex
  • – Getting those looks on the beach when we take off our shirt (guys)
  • – Guys stopping in their tracks as you walk by in a bikini
  • – Increasing your confidence
  • – How about the jealousy factor (people want to be like you)
  • – And on and on…

People can tell themselves all day long they are doing it for their health, and yes this is one reason why, but if they (you) dig deeper and you will find out what their real desires are. And that’s what you want to tap into.

Look at the infographic below and then we’ll talk about if same thinking applies to B2B.

I know what you’re thinking right now – “Come on.. This only works for simple B2C products.. We’re selling enterprise-level software that uses predictive analytics and machine learning that solves X business problem. Our buyers are more sophisticated than that!”

Research shows that emotion plays a surprisingly large role in B2B purchases.

Even when buyers see the value to the business, only 14% perceive a real difference in supplier offerings. But 71% of B2B buyers who see a personal value will buy a product. Let that sink in for a second…

And 68% of buyers who see a personal value will pay a higher price for business product or service–but just 8% of buyers who see no personal value will pay the higher price.

Emotion & B2B Buying

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